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Prepare for the test required for USPS employment using detailed practice exams under actual exam conditions.

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Postal Exam 473

Covers all sections of the postal exam in realistic conditions, only one version included. Take the exam very seriously as your score will reveal both your adjusted USPS score & competitiveness against local job competitors.

Sectional Training

Train using multiple difficulty settings on the individual Postal Exam 473 sections.



2019-10-16 /2019-10-22

Address Checking

Form Completion

Route Coding

Route Memory

Address Checking Practice

Address Checking involves comparing a pair of addresses for errors. It's a simple exercise made difficult by subtle errors and the huge volume of pairs that must be answered in tight time constraints. Begin practicing this section of the postal service exam below.

Form Completion Practice Exam

Form Completion involves quickly evaluating a common Postal Service form and a set of multiple choice questions based on it. You typically will be presented with 5 forms and 36 questions based on these forms. You have 15 minutes to complete the exercise.

Coding & Memory Practice Exam

The Coding & Memory Sections of the exam are completed together. During the coding section applicants are presented with a route guide to check a list of addresses. The exercise is repeated in the memory section with the route guide absent.

473 Assessment

The 473 Assessment is the at-home portion of the exam taken from home before the in-person proctored section. The assessment is unscored, however how the applicant answers will strongly affect applicant job opportunities depending on personality "fit".

Postal Exam 473 - Online Now

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Tests Completed This Week

Address Checking

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 61 0:0 konged Gwinnett GA
2 72 0:0 konged Gwinnett GA
3 92 3:35 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
4 92 3:35 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
5 64 0:0 konged Gwinnett

Form Completion

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 93 11:8 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
2 93 11:8 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
3 20 11:13 konged Gwinnett GA
4 77 -1:59 Andy Lee Santa Clara CA
5 73 11:48 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL

Route Coding

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 90 1:27 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
2 72 1:27 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
3 92 0:16 Mejames25 Pulaski AR
4 92 0:18 Mejames25 Pulaski AR
5 64 0:48 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee

Route Memory

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 96 2:2 Carlton Gaskins Pulaski AR
2 63 0:0 Mejames25 Pulaski AR
3 93 1:38 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
4 100 1:45 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee FL
5 86 2:12 Carlton Gaskins Suwannee

Exam Information

About the Postal Exam 473

Due to the limited experience requirements for postal service hirees, the USPS administers an online exam to screen potential applicants. This exam, the 473E, tests the postal service applicant on the skill set required to be a postal employee. The test is administered only once per applicant, and will be used to evaluate your candidacy for any Postal position for at minimum of 30 days. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to be considered.