Proven strategies & tools to maximize your exam score.

The USAPostalExam Training Center teaches strategies used by previously successful applicants to enhance performance across all exam sections.

Address Checking Exam Section

Address Exercises & Games

Many applicants dismiss the address checking section as "easy". Yet it is consistently scored as the section that applicants most underperform and can most improve from training. The address checking training sections include two games to train applicants on the correct eye movements to reduce errors & emphasize correct address checking speed.

Coding & Memory

Memory Training

The memory section of the Postal Exam 473 is consistently the lowest scoring section. Therefore, it provides the largest potential area for improvement. Improvement here requires mastering new techniques and tricks to improve your memory and ability to memorize the route list to answer correctly and minimize errors.


Full Exam Manuals

The mahuals provides essential information on all components of the exam and exam process including the hiring process, scored Exam 473, and assessment sections.