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The official USAPostalExam Training Program is used by over 100,000 USPS job applicants per year to complete their exam training. Guaranteed to Pass Postal Exam 473.

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The Program assists both current and potential job applicants of the Postal Service.

USAPostalExam provides full assistance across all sections of the Postal Hiring Process. This includes applying for jobs, the online assessment, the Postal Exam, and job interviews. Applicants both with an open job application in the USPS eCareer system and those serious about submitting a job application should consider entering the program.

Try trial exams before program registration.

The sample tests introduce you to the exam and question format, as well as the USAPostalExam system.

Address Checking Sample

Address Checking involves comparing a pair of addresses for errors. It's a simple exercise made difficult by subtle errors and the huge volume of pairs that must be answered in tight time constraints. Begin practicing this section of the postal service exam below.

Form Completion Sample

Form Completion involves quickly evaluating a common Postal Service form and a set of multiple choice questions based on it. The sample test has two forms, but there are usually five with 30 questions total. You have 5 minutes to complete the exercise.

Coding Sample

The Coding & Memory Sections of the exam are completed together. During the coding section applicants are presented with a route guide to check a list of addresses. The applicant must check the route list and compare it to the addresses listed.

Improves Scores


5+ hours of Training

USAPostalExam Training Program is Extensive and covers all aspects of Postal Hiring for most applicants.

The full version of USAPostalExam includes the most extensive Postal Exam 473e training material available online and a number of different features unavailable from other formats.

Actual Exam Conditions, actual score

The practice exam is modeled exactly as the full exam will be presented. The adjusted scoring is completely accurate. This is the only way online to accurately gauge your performance on the exam beforehand.

Extensive Practice Material

The full version uses a fluid exam format rotating through 300+ address checking pairs, 22 form completion forms, and 12 coding & memory guides. Each exam is customized and unique and none will look like the one you have done before.

Full training on individual sections

Full training for each individual section is also activated, including address checking, form completion, coding and memory. The sectional training includes multiple formats of differing speed and intensity to produce unique training modules for every practice session.

Memory & Address Checking Improvement Programs

The memory & address checking improvement training systems utilize scientific research on mnemonic memorization and rote learning to dramatically improve performance on the address checking & memory sections.

Skills Assessment & Job Interview

The full version includes a realistic Skills & Assessment test section which includes actual questions from previous assessments. The job interview training program includes actual questions from over 100 previous USPS job interviews.

Performance Insights & Scoring

The full version includes official USPS scoring, competitor analytics, and insights into your exam performance. You gain deep insight into how the USPS is scoring you, how this compares to your job competitors, how many competitors for your job there are, and how you can improve against their weaknesses.

The Program Works.

Your first goal is to pass the Postal Exam with a 70 avg score to qualify for a job. Not only does USAPostalExam dramatically increase exam performance, we raise the majority of applicants above the requisite 70 score on every section with at least 5 hours training.

17% of applicants score above 70 on the Address Checking section on their first try.

75% score above 70 after at least 5 hours practice.

5+ hours practice First Attempt

59% of applicants score above 70 on the Form Completion section on their first try.

95% score above 70 after at least 5 hours practice.

5+ hours practice First Attempt

50% of applicants score above 70 on the Coding section on their first try.

91% score above 70 after at least 5 hours practice.

5+ hours practice First Attempt

15% of applicants score above 70 on the Memory section on their first try.

55% score above 70 after at least 5 hours practice.

5+ hours practice First Attempt

All applicants benefit.

The graph below shows the average score progression of applicants who scored in the bottom 50% of their first practice Postal Exam

The first test average on Address Checking section is 47.

Improvement of applicant's scoring below average.

The average first score on Form Completion is 65.

Improvement of applicant's scoring below average.

The first test average on Coding section is 67.

Improvement of applicant's scoring below average.

The average first score on Memory section is 43.

Improvement of applicant's scoring below average.

Overwhelmingly used and recommended by USPS Employees

USAPostalExam is the standard used by USPS Employee Youtube Creators for their Postal Exam Tip videos (always check the video description), on the official USPS subreddit, on Facebook, and on message boards across the Internet. Applicants love us because we invest all our time creating high-quality free & paid Exam 473 training.

About the Postal Exam 473e

Due to the limited experience requirements for postal service hirees, the USPS administers an online exam to screen potential applicants. This exam, the 473E, tests the postal service applicant on the skill set required to be a postal employee. You must take the exam within 7 days of applying for a position with the postal service, and this score will be used to evaluate your candidacy for any Postal position. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to be considered. You cannot retake the postal exam to improve your score for at least 30 days after the first administration of the exam.