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Introducing USAPostalExam

Welcome to USAPostalExam! For about the last four years we have provided the leading platform for Postal Exam 473 training. In this section we provide an outline for how to approach our extensive free exam resources, prepare for the exam, and when to decide if you want or need to upgrade for further training.

Start with Sample Tests

There are three main sections to the exam, Address Checking, Form Completion, and Coding & Memory. All three scored sections have free sample tests to introduce the exam format. You can access them from the Practice Test Section and you should try all of them first to get a "feel" for the exam.

Move on to the Manuals

After you've been introduced to the exam format it's time to go in-depth on understanding how to write the exam. Click on our Manuals Section. Here, you'll find a large trove of guides to assist you on understanding the exam format and how to approach the exam. It's always a good idea to continue to attempt a few sample tests as you complete the material to refresh your memory and give the resources context.

Register & Complete the Full Exam

Once you've gotten through all of the material it's time to register an account and complete a full exam under actual exam conditions. Make sure you have at least 40 minutes available to go all the way through the exam.

Get Your Exam Score

After you've completed your exam you'll be given your full exam score, and regional ranking. The rankings will show you how well you faired versus other applicants in your area competing for the same set of jobs. We can provide this data because the majority of applicants to the Postal Service use USAPostalExam to train.

Decide on the Upgrade

USAPostalExam has long been the largest provider of practice training for the 473 exam. We've recently created a paid upgrade service due to exploding demand. The free training is still there, with nearly 200 free questions, but the paid option now goes much further, with over 1000 practice questions and extended training programs. Full details are on the registration page or on the upgrade page if you've got a free account already. The Upgraded version has been shown to raise scores by 19% on average and more for applicants with lower scores. It's there if you want to improve your score or get ahead of applicants in your area.

Why the Upgrade is There

Our service really is the most used Postal Exam training resource. I think at this point we train pretty much everyone that applies. But that ultimately meant really, really crushingly high server costs. Sigh. Plus, applicants asked us for even more material. So here it is. And the training really does work. And we're the only training platform that can honestly say that. Also, holy god, the server costs. But we don't want to charge you money, we really do want to help you succeed (and also NOT go broke doing it). Only upgrade if you want to invest more than a few hours training for the exam. But if you do want to practice, you've come to the right place.