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Coding Sample Exam
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Coding & Memory - Postal Exam 473

Section Instructions

Once you begin, you will be presented with a coding guide listing 8 distinct addresses across 3 routes. The routes will be marked A, B, & C. An additional route, where an address does not fall within one of the above three routes is marked D. There are 36 questions in this section, and you will have five minutes to complete it. Each question is an address that may fall within one of the designated routes. You must mark it as such, or indicate whether it does not fall within the route list.

Example Coding Form

Address Range Delivery Route
  • 178 - 2075 Mitchell Ln.
  • 178 - 2075 Mitchell Ln.
  • 178 - 2075 Mitchell Ln.
  • 4050 - 7050 Elmer Pkwy.
  • 4050 - 7050 Elmer Pkwy.
  • 21513 - 29524 Allan St.
  • 21513 - 29524 Allan St.
  • 21513 - 29524 Allan St.
All mail that does not fall in one of the address ranges listed above. D

From the Route Coding table you will be given an example address. The options you select through are the different routing codes. Look at the address and select the correct response.

Top Recent Coding Scores

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 97 0:15 Hala Seminole FL
2 97 0:0 Hala Seminole FL
3 97 1:50 heretumi Loudoun VA
4 97 1:3 Aaron Hawkins Johnson TX
5 94 0:0 mort Cochise
6 94 0:0 mort Seminole FL
7 83 0:0 Hala Seminole FL
8 83 0:0 TameikaWright
9 81 0:0 Secondgencarrier Mendocino CA
10 78 0:23 Miles Wilson

Top Recent Memory Scores

Pos Score Speed User County State
1 97 1:14 TameikaWright Duval FL
2 97 2:12 heretumi Loudoun VA
3 94 3:29 mort Cochise AZ
4 94 0:21 Secondgencarrier Mendocino CA
5 81 0:0 ryan seth Salem
6 81 2:20 Fredcomlan Montgomery MD
7 72 1:39 Fredcomlan Montgomery MD
8 69 1:54 Hala
9 69 0:42 Fredcomlan Montgomery MD
10 64 1:50 Hala

30% of applicants scored above 90 today

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Manuals & Guidance

Coding Basics

Learn the basic structure of the coding section, what to expect on this section of the Postal Exam 473.

Memory Basics

Learn about the structure of the memory section of the Postal Exam 473 and what to expect.

Memory Strategy

Learn about various strategies for acing the memory section and ways to enhance your score.

About the Exam

Postal Exam 473

Due to the limited experience requirements for postal service hirees, the USPS administers an online exam to screen potential applicants. This exam, the 473E, tests the postal service applicant on the skill set required to be a postal employee. You must take the exam within 7 days of applying for a position with the postal service, and this score will be used to evaluate your candidacy for any Postal position. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to be considered. You cannot retake the postal exam to improve your score for at least 120 days after the first administration of the exam.