Address Training

Improvement training for the Postal Exam 473

The Highlighter Training Program trains applicants to view each address quickly and systematically to missing errors.

The speed training assists applicants on learning to answer an address checking pair both correctly and quickly to make the most of allotted time.

Only 6 minutes to complete 36 questions. Excelling means success on the final exam.

Address Checking - Training

Games Instructions

The address checking training section includes two exercises to train applicants on both the proper technique for evaluating an address and completing an address at the optimal speed.

Address Checking - Training


The highlighter training exercise trains the applicants on the correct way to visually parse an address pair. It trains the applicant to evaluate an address pair in an optimized and organized fashion. As the training exercise continues and the trainee answers correctly, the visual cues will speed up.

Address Checking - Training

Speed Trial

The speed training exercise trains the applicants on the correct speed to answer an address pair. The exercise speeds up to the optimal speed as the trainee completes enough correct answers in order.

Address Checking - Learn More

Manuals & Guidance

Address Checking Basics

Learn the basic structure of the address checking section, what to expect on this section of the Postal Exam 473.

Address Errors

Learn about the various errors to look for on the address checking section, and how to approach them.

Address Strategies

Learn about the various strategies for acing the Address Checking section and ways to enhance your score.

About the Exam

Postal Exam 473

Due to the limited experience requirements for postal service hirees, the USPS administers an online exam to screen potential applicants. This exam, the 473E, tests the postal service applicant on the skill set required to be a postal employee. You must take the exam within 7 days of applying for a position with the postal service, and this score will be used to evaluate your candidacy for any Postal position. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to be considered. You cannot retake the postal exam to improve your score for at least 120 days after the first administration of the exam.