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Entry Level Hiring Nationwide.
Salaries Starting from $13 - $24 per hour.
Letter Carriers
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Job Requirements: All hirees must have a minimum score of 70 on the Postal Battery Exam. No prior experience required.
Testing Requirements
Due to the limited experience requirements for postal service hirees, the USPS administers an online exam to screen potential applicants. This exam, the 473E, tests the postal service applicant on the skill set required to be a postal employee. The test is administered only once per applicant, and will be used to evaluate your candidacy for any Postal position for at minimum 4 months. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to be considered.
Available Positions
Below are brief descriptions of major positions now available through the Postal Service. More detailed information will be sent directly to you via email when you complete the qualification process above.
Mail Carriers
The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) is the second largest postal union, representing approximately 214,000 career employees. The NALC covers carriers who deliver mail to homes and businesses on city delivery routes. Effective Nov. 22, 2008, the entry level salary level for workers in the NALC is $41,888.
APWU Employees
The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is the largest postal union representing more than 260,000 career postal employees. The APWU is for postal employees in the clerk, maintenance and motor vehicle services crafts. Effective Aug. 30, 2008, the entry level salary level for workers in the APWU is $33,443.
Mail Handlers
The National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) represents nearly 58,000 career postal employees. Mail handlers are responsible for unloading sacks of incoming mail, separating and delivering mail to sorting machines and sometimes rewrapping packages damaged in mail processing machines. The starting salary for NPMHU employees is $32,553 per year.
Rural Letter Carriers
Rural carriers deliver the mail on routes outside of the city delivery area. They are paid based on the hours they work each week, and they use their own vehicle instead of a Postal Service delivery vehicle. The entry level salary for a rural carrier who works a 48-hour work week is $51,170.
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